DAVID ALSO DAVID: 1 + 1 = 2 and 2 > 1

The math is simple. Even if math isn’t your thing, two Davids are better than one.

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David Frid - REALTOR
Frid brings a down-home East Coast mentality to his clients: honesty, integrity, and approachability. In Halifax, where David grew up, these were the tenets of doing business. With those ideals in mind and an in-depth knowledge of real estate in Calgary, it is easy to understand why Frid quickly found success. Now Frid, his wife, and two boys call Inglewood home. His charm hasn’t faded, as his friends jokingly call him the “mayor” of Inglewood, given that he seemingly knows everyone in the tight-knit community.
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David Powell - REALTOR
For Powell, real estate wasn’t even on his radar as he was studying to become a teacher. What he learned is that his passion is educating people, and that skill set is invaluable and desirable among buyers and sellers alike. A born and raised Calgarian, Powell is a quick learner, known for his charismatic personality, infectious laugh, and eye for great design. With his wife and two girls, Powell calls Aspen Woods home, where his passion is building a sense of community and bringing neighbours together.